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FoP is an organization of pharmacy students studying at Kathmandu University(KU). FoP was established in 1999 by the pharmacy students of KU for the welfare of pharmacy education and the profession as a whole with an objective to work for professional and academic activity in and out of KU.
It is totally a non-political and a non-profit organization. Activities of the
organization(FoP) shall be organized so as to promote public health through provision of information, education, networking and a range of publications and professional initiatives. Being a neutral organization, it shall work for social benefit and there shall be no place for affiliation sympathy or any political activities in the organization. The organizations independent to organize its activities within the limit of its objective under the umbrella of KU.

Our Objectives

The following are the objectives of Forum for Pharmacy (FoP):
1. Carrying out different activities to improve knowledge skill and attitude of the students in professional and academic matters.
 2. Organizing different activities at the community level for social benefit in relation to pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences. This may include programs like health camp in rural areas, organization of training and other educational/awareness programs.
3. Bridging or establishing contact with the professional pharmaceutical organizations and also with other organizations of pharmaceutical students.
4. Promoting the exchange of ideas by correspondence and by encouraging full dissemination of scientific and professional knowledge.
5. Encouraging the formation and development of bilateral co-operation among national and international pharmaceutical student organizations without trespassing upon their domains.
6. Encouraging and promoting international visits and exchanges of students. This shall be done in collaboration with the IPSF.
7. Publishing the magazine of FoP – The “Pharma-Quest”.
8. Find out resources to carry out research and development work.
9. Development of relationship between pharmaceutical industries and the
pharmaceutical activities.
10. Organization of interaction program among students. Encouragement of members in the research and development works.

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