6th APRO Good Pharmacy Practise Education Program [GPPed, Nepal]

Theme: Implementation of Good Pharmacy Practise : Foundation for better health

The IPSF APRO Good Pharmacy Practice Education (GPPed) Program is a regional event held by the Asia Pacific Regional Office for pharmacy students and recent graduates worldwide. GPPed is more centered on pharmacy education and aims to improve it via practical learning. This involves making budding pharmacists more aware of their role and their country’s needs so that after graduating, they can make practical use of their education by providing better services. The overall purpose is to establish pharmacy practice equivalence so that a consistent standard is reflected across different countries. This year GPPed is being hosted by Forum for Pharmacy, Nepal.

Student Exchange Program

Forum For Pharmacy (FoP) Nepal has been continuing Student Exchange Program (SEP), the largest standing project of International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF), since its membership with IPSF. Till now there are around 12 graduates of FoP SEP Program. Among them 3 are recent graduates, after FoP renewed its membership in 2017.
The SEP Program in FoP Nepal generally covers visit to different pharmaceutical companies of Nepal along with the Hospital Pharmacy in our own University Hospital. This program generally continues upto 2-3 weeks within which the incoming student can have visits to different cultural and historical sites of Nepal (mostly within Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur and Kavreplanchowk).
This year FoP had one incoming Exchange student from Austria.


With collaboration with NPSA, FoP was able to present the condition of Universal Health Coverage in Nepal, along with the study of the condition and role of pharmacists around the nation on this matter

With participation of over more than two hundred students from medical as well as paramedical sector, NUSPS[National University of Singapore Pharmaceutical Society] in association with IPSF APRO organized Beyond health hack in which more than 30 students from FoP participated and had experience with many international students and work to fight inflenza vaccine and low vaccination rate in Asia Pacific Region.

FoP participated in IPSF APRO’s Photo campaign on World Cancer Day 2019.