April 20 – April 27
Stay fit during COVID-19 lockdown

FoP started a fitness campaign called “Stay Fit During Covid-19 Lockdown “ from 20 April to 27 April 2020. Everyone had to stay at home due to the spread of pandemic so FoP decided to encourage people to stay fit and active in order to maintain their state of wellness. It is believed that regular exercise and mental fitness helps to live a long life. Many students participated in this campaign. Certificate of achievement was provided to them who uploaded their fitness summary everyday for 7 days with workout session of 30 minutes. Certificate of achievement was provided to the participant with highest workout time and highest number of upload of performing the workout.

Participants had to take a picture of their fitness activity and post it on story of facebook, instagram or both with their fitness app day summary by tagging Forum for Pharmacy and using hashtags #fitnessmomentoftheday

Awareness: May 2020

FoP facebook page dedicated the month of May to aware the viewers regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. The awareness post had authentic source of information taken from WHO website that showed proper way of handwash and social distancing and why it is important to follow these guidelines.

Release of Pharmaquest July 2020

In the month of July, FoP and the Editorial board of Pharmaquest released its first digital issue of 2020. This issue contained activities conducted by Forum for Pharmacy from September 2019 to December 2019, batch photos of students and faculty members of Pharmacy department and the articles of B.Pharm students. Pharmaquest is the official digital newsletter of FoP. You can easily get a digital copy from the drive link from FoP page. Articles for Pharmaquest is always welcomed by the team and any suggestions for future aspect is highly appreciated.

COVID-19 poster competition July 2020

In the month of July, FoP introuced a competition named “COVID-19 POSTER COMPETITION” with the theme COVID-19 and social distancing : the new normal. As a pharmacist,we hold a vital role to circulate authentic information to aware people for the safe and better quality of life. Students from undergraduate level and outside the pharmacy department took part in this competition and had sent their poster.